Anaconda : Install Pandas-ml in Python

In this article, we are going to learn how to Install Pandas-ml in Python with anaconda. We will learn about how to install Pandas-ml using conda commands.

1. How to install Pandas-ml using conda

We can use the below steps to install Pandas-ml. Installing Pandas ML is very easy and you can do that by using the below steps:

  • Open the Anaconda Power Shell Prompt.
  • Type the command as given below and press enters to start the installation.
  • This will install the latest version of Pandas-ml on the machine.
conda install pandas_ml 


conda install -c anaconda pandas_ml

2. How to install specific Pandas-ml using conda

If you have a specific version requirement then you can install that version by specifying the version. For this, you must know which version of Pandas-ml you want to install. The pip command to install a specific version of Pandas-ml is:

conda install pandas_ml==0.9.0

How to check Pandas-ml is installed successfully

After you install the Pandas-ml by using the above pip command, you can verify the installation with the below steps:

  • Open the Anaconda Power Shell Prompt
  • Launch Python
  • Try to import the Pandas-ml in Python by typing

If you have the installation done successfully then you should not see any error.

import pandas_ml as pdml

#Next you can verify the version by writing next line as:

This should give you the version of Pandas-ml that you just installed on your machine.