Compare Two Dates in Python

In this article, we are going to learn how to Compare Two Dates in Python. We will ask user to enter date 1 and date 2 that we want to compare to know which date is earlier than the other date. We will make use of simple if and else condition in Python.

Environments & Requirements –

To run this programs we need a python interpreter.

Program to compare dates in Python

import datetime

dateone =,12,18)
datetwo =,12,8)
print("Date1 :" , dateone)
print("Date2 :" , datetwo)

if dateone == datetwo:
    print("dateone and datetwo are equal")
elif dateone > datetwo:
    print("dateone is greater than datetwo")
    print("dateone is smaller than datetwo")

Output –
dateone : 2022-12-18
datetwo : 2022-12-08
dateone is greater than datetwo

Program Code Explanation –

• First we have to import datetime module of Python.
• Variable dateone store the first date.
• Variable datetwo store the second date.
• if dateone is equal to datetwo then print d1 and datetwo are equal.
• And if dateone is greater than datetwo then print d1 is greater than datetwo.
• Else print dateone is smaller than datetwo.