Python Webdrivermanager.install does not work for edge

In this post, we are going to learn how to solve Python Webdrivermanager.install does not work for edge. Sometimes when we try to launch Microsoft Edge by using webdriver manager, this error is raised “type error level not an integer or a valid string none edge”. It is because a Problem with the logger of Webdrivermanager.

1. Python Webdrivermanager.install does not work for edge

To laucnh edge webdriver, we have to downloaded the edge browser driver zip and unzipped and copied it to the Python script directory. But it is time-consuming, We can automate this work just simply using The webdriver-manager . The first step is to Install the web driver manager by using the command. Let’s understand how to use it in our code to launch Microsoft Edge browser

pip install webdriver-manager

Python selenium Program to launch MS Edge browser

To solve this problem first, we have to import required API like logging API into our program. Then We have to make a change in the log level by using code “edgeChromiumDriverManager(log_level=logging.ERROR).install()” . Let us understand more with the below example.

from selenium import webdriver
import logging  
from import EdgeChromiumDriverManager
driver = webdriver.Edge(EdgeChromiumDriverManager(log_level=logging.ERROR).install())
print('driver Title:',driver.title)
print('Driver name:',
print('Driver URL:',driver.current_url)


driver Title: Google
Driver name: msedge
Driver URL: